Monday, June 29, 2009

In the beginning...

  • ...there was a dot.
  • And the dot asexually reproduced into two dots,

  • which reproduced into four dots,

  • which reproduced into eight dots.
And so on. And so on.

And it was good.

And then she rested.

The year is traditional Spain, and four flamenco dancers, two men and two women, line themselves in front of four guitar players in a plaza in Andalusia in the late afternoon, after the excruciating sun has decided to take a little nap until tomorrow's new work day. There are trees everywhere with bitter oranges worthy only of a jam. History everywhere made tangible through cathedrals and castles and clouds that speak of wars and victories. The sun's hibernation allows festivities of leg shaking and kicking and knocking. Faster and faster and faster. Spanish pride.

Their attire? Let's focus on the female attire: adorned with either a well-brimmed polka dotted hat, or a wide, lively colored flower, she wears a red dress clad with white polka dots. Everywhere. It's fun. It's a mess. It's wild. But it's whole and coherent. Sort of like how this blog will be. It'll dance with ideas. It'll sweat with female hotness. It'll be traditional to certain values. But in the end, it will be fashionable. You can wear it. And you can pass it to your friends and their little girls.

Le Polka Dot Chic is broken down into 3 components:

1 - Le-isure Talk - discourse on everything from boys to skanks to fashion to photography to news to commentary to gossip to cities to travel to cooking to making out to not making out. this is your cafe talk. this is your late-night sleepover talk. this is the talk you say in your head when you're bored and staring at something fat and giggly. (like your lower gut, but hopefully not for too long) Ooooo yes, and this includes made-up words that I like to create from time to time when the English dictionary and every other language fails to express something I am trying to communicate. Sometimes a word will be a mixture of different words from different languages (as you will see in #2). Nonetheless, it will be, and I have spoken.

Le-isure Talk looks like the following but I will provide further explanations in entries. This le-isure talk occurred one day last week over dinner with two of my most favorite girls in the whole entire world:

Dot A - I have done it in the car; now it's time to do it on top of the car.

Dot A - I did it in a national park.

Dot B - You let him hump your face?

Dot C - I let him hump my face and he fixed my eyes.

And then, that's when I will go into a lengthy discussion on Le Polka Dot's trendiest sunglasses. LOL.

2 - Le-cessities - Le + Necessities - this is your must-own section. i will say no more. if you do not own these, you will live most unhappily and unfulfilled. and die a rich person's lonely death.

Dress done by Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera - a fan of our favorite, you guessed it, in the late '80's and '90s.

3 - Le Amor - what we love and what loves us back. what we don't love but still loves us. (some of you know this). and what we absolutely will never love. ever.

Please feel free to drop a dot every now and then, and I promise to bring you complimentary dots as they come. hopefully, they will form some making-some-sort-of-sense picture eventually. if not, well, they still do well on their own.

Love Me!


  1. Awwww my girl Carolina! <3
    When I once wanted to be a designer, I wanted to be just like her!
    And we could have been proud venezuelan designers together.

  2. BTW, if you asexually reproduced you wouldn't be male nor female so therefore when "she" rested it should be it rested.