Monday, February 1, 2010

Don't Litter, The Dots Are Watching

Sitting in a doctor's office can be pleasant or unpleasant depending the reason for the visit.  This particular visit was a happy one; a check-up to prove that I'd been a good girl who deserved a nice, big, round colorful lollipop for being so good.  Midtown on a breezy day.  Warm room filled with books and photographs and a doctor and I.

The doctor doesn't mention how good I've been so I decide to acknowledge it myself and reach over to a candy dish full of hard Life Savers, obviously for good girls like me.  I pick out an orange candy because I'm feeling sunny for having exercised and lost weight, and having chosen to eat right.  (I don't agree with everything in the recent popular trade book Skinny Bitch, but I swear it will change your life).

To prove how even more good I was (proper grammar), I remember to throw out my candy wrapper and lo' and behold, look what was looking back at me and approving of my goodness.  Dots!  What a clever way to decorate your trash can and throw out the trash in style!

*Photo Credit: LePolkaDotChic

Here's to not littering....:)

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