Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Co-Worker's Haute Shoes

So I was in a weekly meeting at work when a co-worker and I were sitting and chatting before the meeting had begun.  And then Tyra Banks walked in.

Well, not really Tyra Banks but a co-worker just as fashionable.  Well, really more fashionable.  But just as cute.  Well, really, more cute.

Anywho, cute co-worker comes in with shoes that matched the indifference she has to common dressers.  She's an elite.  In fashion. She walked it, talked it, and the best part, was that her shoes were like the period on her look.  Or more like an exclamation point.  But, they are never ever a question mark.  She lives with the nimbleness of someone in control of life.  That's what looking at these shoes do for me.

Later did I find out that her excellent and personable fashion sense is as innate as her skinniness.

These were the shoes that made my day - and at a great price ($54.99).

I found these on  The brand is Not Rated.  The shoe is called Yankee Doodle Bootie.


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