Monday, January 4, 2010

Vintage is so 2010.

I’ve decided to take Le Polka Dot Chic’s blog to the next level the first week of this New Year.  It’s going to be sophisticated.  It’s going to be vogue.  It’s going to come out once a week/biweekly/everyday depending what I’m doing, drinking, or dating.  (Of course recommendations on a schedule are welcome.) It’s going to be 2010.  And you can count on each post having something to do with my specialty: polka dots. (An advance apology for grammatical errors, sometimes I write how I speak, which isn't always proper).

Contemporary is so 2009.  This year, we’re going to start with vintage.

I’m in love with vintage.  Clothing.  Jewelry.  Accessories.  Furniture.  Books. Trinkets.

For those that need a little simple history, vintage is anything from 1920-1960.  It’s more complicated that, but that’s my easy definition.  Considering the 1970’s and 1980’s vintage is pushing it.  Anything closer than 15 years ago is absolutely not vintage.  Anything more than 100 years ago is considered antique.  The 1950’s are the most popular decade to vintage fashion collectors.  Online vintage shopping isn’t always quite accurate but increasingly popular.  Make sure you trust who dates your items before purchasing so you know it’s true worth, quality, and decade.

As I begin collecting vintage clothes and accessories in the beginning of the New Year, I notice this beautiful dress.  It’s a 1960's Black Silk Polka Dot Puff Dress.  It’s love at first sight.  And from the discount rack.

Here are three great vintage websites to shop for the New Year.  Though these items might be from the past, this is the year to bring them back.  Shop away in 2010!

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