Friday, March 26, 2010

If You Love Her, Tell Her You Love Her

The English rock band The Libertines have a song called "What Katie Did." Some think it was inspired by What Katy Did, the children's book written by Susan Coolidge (1872).

The book is about a tomboy named Katy whose life is a mess, but who only wishes to be beautiful and loved.  She gets injured after a terrible accident, and her illness and recovery teaches her to be good and kind, like she always really wanted.  Babyshambles did a song right after entitled "What Katie Did Next."

Pete Doherty, lead vocal/guitarist formerly for The Libertines and now for Babyshambles was clearly in love with this story so much so that he wrote both songs.  So much so that he cried polka dots.  The chorus of "What Katie Did" goes like this:

Oh what you gonna do, Katie?
You're a sweet sweet girl
But it's a cruel, cruel world
a cruel, cruel world

My pins are none too strong, Katie
Hurry up, Mrs. Brown
I can feel it coming down
and it won't take none too long

But since you said goodbye
Polka dots fill my eyes
And I don't know why...

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