Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weekly Etsy

I think that every so often (in my head right now, it will be every Wednesday), I'd like to showcase some cool hand-crafted creations made by you - humankind - yourself.  I think that personally crafted items are worth so much more than items crafted oversees by under-age boys that earn a day what I spend on coffee every morning.

Here are three of this week's finds for me.

A lunch bag for the upcoming warm weather.  ($29)
Instead of being fat and staying in during the day to eat lunch at the work cafeteria, it's time to work the big butt off in style and walk to the closest park/bench/open area for fresh air, a nice walk, and just have this bag.

A girly pillow. ($45)
A pillow makes the bed ladies.

A Mother's Day card.  ($4.25)
Fastly approaching (Sunday, May 9th), give mom something that she won't throw into the jewelry box.

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