Monday, May 3, 2010

L.A. EDITION: Before I Go to L.A.

I am off to L.A. tomorrow for a wonderful and much needed vacation.  I can't wait to hit Cali soil.  Until then, I'd like everyone to know what will be on my IPOD for the airplane ride...

The Vanguard

I'll be like a 15-year-old here and write...

<3 The Vanguard <3

If you look at the cover of their CD, and on their website, you'll see that they created dolls to represent themselves.  One of the band members is exemplified with a blue shirt (with a star in the front) and white sleeves that have red polka dots.  

True story - I was walking from Williamsburg through Greenpoint one Saturday with my lovely mother when I saw The Vanguard shooting a video.  I walked over because I saw one of their members with a polka dot cape (one of the dolls has a polka dot cape too to represent this one) and then I saw the one with the polka dot sleeves and from that moment, I knew I was in love with them.  Even they know dots!  I want a cape! Thanks guys!

Check one of their videos below.


  1. They are awesome!!!!!!!!! Love them!!!

  2. i love them too! have you seen them live?