Friday, May 14, 2010

L.A. EDITION: watermelon-lime-popsicles

O the heat in California - let me tell you!

So I'm sitting by the pool at the Langham in Pasadena last week catching sun without sunscreen. I'm waiting for my co-workers to be relieved from a conference for work, those sl*ts. (I kid).

"I'm not going to get sun-burned.  It's impossible.  I'm Hispanic," I think, all too pridefully.

Woefully, two hours later, I'm burned to the marrow and asking the pool boy Dylan for sunscreen lotion along with some iced water. As always, I'm applying the sunscreen after the sun-burn.

The sun is extreme and the only way you'd survive California sun is with the good ol' H20, fruits, and other refreshing treats.

Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere made a fantastic Watermelon-Lime Popsicle recently.  It's super easy and super cute.  Find the recipe here.

Also, notice the cute bag she made for Coach.  I'm so jealous!

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