Monday, June 7, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder If I'm Too Cheap

I am a Disney fan.  Every since I was unborn, my mother would buy me a comfy new set of pajamas for Christmas (and I mean, every Christmas without fail) and it would always be a pair from the Disney store.  I was never one of the girls who recycled pajamas from old clothes though sometimes I do anyway.  I always have high-class, designer pajamas with all the characters that made our childhood magical.

Polka dots was something that I might have been obsessed with since the days of Minnie Mouse.  It might be a good curse.  But what's not a good curse is that I am cheap like a chicken.

*Photo Credit: Jairo Ortega

So I'm walking by Herald Square, the intersection of 34th Street and Broadway one Saturday two months ago, and then I heard it!  Minnie Mouse in her cute dress asked a European couple, new to the scene and excited to be shopping in one of the world's best, walking by: "Want a photo taken with Minnie?" And I froze.

I wanted one but then Minnie said, "Four dollars."

I know this is America and $4 is the least I could do for a fellow employee of this great country in time of economic need, but I couldn't.  I COULD NOT pay the $4.  Why?  Cause I'm cheap.

So I walked away.

Another Saturday came by, and I'm walking with my friend Jairo to see the Macy's Annual Flower Show on the last day, and I am posing for photos nearby before we go to the show since he's a photographer and low and behold, I check the camera at the end of the day, and look who's in one of my photographs!

I love free things; I totally didn't plan this one but I got it anyway.

Don't ask me why I posed by a phone; long story.  Anyway, I owe Minnie Mouse $4; it's the least I can do for my cute photo.

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