Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Moving Checklist

I feel like all my friends are moving out of their old homes into new apartments at the rate that the BP reputation has spiraled down. Only, moving into a new apartment is a...great...thing.

Maybe its because the rental index is up (because rent pricing is down) but moving is all we seem to talk about these days. Moving. Boys. Moving. Food. Moving. Clothes. Moving. Stocks. Moving. Fireworks at Coney Island. Moving. It's frightening and fearful. Sometimes it's a good move, sometimes it's a messy move, and other times it's incredibly troublesome. And most of my friends are in a...panic...time.

It isn't easy to move for many reasons especially if you are moving into your first apartment after your birthhome. But you should be fine if you have the following checklist below checked off.

  1. Long days and nights on craiglist
  2. Gmail all day to read and check potential apartment sellers and potential apartment seekers in the case that you're giving up your place as well
  3. Calculator to see how poor you are
  4. Picking up empty boxes from the street to pack up your crap
  5. Asking useless friends to help you pack or move
  6. Getting a rental truck that is 1,000x the size you needed
  7. Getting a rental truck that breaks down midway into the move
  8. Having the moving guys come 4 hours late so not only do you miss a half a day of work, but you miss a whole day of work
  9. Forgetting to eat lunch because you're on gchat with a potential seller
  10. Missing mom and dad before you even leave home
  11. Fighting with your new roommates before you move in
  12. Finding a place then having to give it up because the realtor lied about rent
  13. Realizing that the place you moved into doesn't accept your dog and you have to move out immediately 
  14. Realizing you can't even visit the place you want to move into because you're at work all day
  15. Moving into the room with no windows
  16. Moving into the smallest room
  17. Moving into the room with the tiniest closet 
  18. Moving into any of the above three and paying an equal portion of rent as the roommates with windows, large rooms, and/or big closets
  19. Borrowing money from mom to eat lunch
  20. Borrowing money from dad when you have a full-time job

*Photo Credit: LePolkaDotChic

I am looking into co-operatives myself right now. And this process started today with a letter to the holders of the co-ops I am looking into. I like this process. Letters are fun. I suppose because I haven't gotten to the moving checklist yet.

I want to stay in brooklyn. I'd like to rent a place either in williamsburg, or greenpoint. Maybe fort greene. Maybe ridgewood. Those are my spots. Speaking of spots, do you notice the spots of papered graffiti on the sign above? I took this photograph on my blackberry by kent ave and west street. My favorite spot by the east river. :)

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